titleThis project originally began when I wanted to create my own 3D fonts. I tried using the DirectX fonts, exporting a mesh, but the meshes that it created were, at best, suboptimal. Thus, the Font Builder was born, allowing the user to load a template font, set up guidelines, and create and export a custom font set.

Font Builder supports typeface ascent, descent, ascender, cap height, median, baseline, descender, as well as horizontal and vertical spacing data found in traditional fonts. It also allows the user to place additional horizontal and vertical guides to snap vertices to precise locations.

Building a custom font is nearly trivial and requires no knowledge of either typefaces, fonts, or programming. The user simply draws triangles, snapping vertices together. Front and back face triangles are identified with coloration on the screen and a preview window shows how the font will look.

The application also provides many advanced features, such as normalizing a character to 1 unit, viewing the bounding box of a character, as well as uniform and non-uniform scaling.

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